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Procedure for selection to the General Council & Executive Board

Before the term of a specific General Council of Sahitya Akademi expires, Sahitya Akademi sends letters to all the recognized literary associations, universities and the state governments / union territories inviting nominations of eminent writers and scholars to be members of the General Council of Sahitya Akademi.

Nominations thus received are placed before the outgoing General Council Members of each language.

Their recommendations are further placed before the outgoing President and she / he provides his inputs and the new General Council is formed out of the nominations from the above and also from the list of eminent writers in each language category.

The nominations received from the Government of India are also added to the pool of incoming General Council members.

One member of the General Council in each language category is nominated to be the convener of that language advisory board and hence the member of the Executive Board. In the absence of consensual nomination, the same is decided through ballot.

The Executive Board decides and approves the formation of each language advisory board.

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