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Archives Committee

One of the functions of a national institution like Sahitya Akademi is to preserve and pass on the archival material to the posterity.

Literary archive is something that has immense value and potential for future research, for, all literature contains vast amount of information about the society and times in which it was created.

Alive to this need to archive not only the literary works but also create films on the living authors. So, archival unit was set up.

The Archives Committee recommends on which eminent Indian litterateur a documentary should be made and by which eminent director.

The Archives Committee also assesses the recommendations received from all the language advisory boards for production of documentaries and chooses the ones which can be accepted.

The recommendations of the Archives Committee are forwarded to the Executive Board of Sahitya Akademi for approval.

The Archives Committee has the power to recommend on its own the production of a documentary film for a given purpose.

The Members of Archives Committee [2018-2022]

S. No. Member’s Name
1. Dr Chandrashekhar Kambar [Chairman]
2. Sri Madhav Kaushik
3. Dr P. Seshadri
4. Sri Aribam Shya
5. Sri C. Radhakrishnan
6. Dr Ramkumar Mukhopadhyay
7. Sri Subodh Parikh
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