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Language Development Board

India is the land of languages. The number of languages across the sub-continent, number of language families, vast number of tribal languages and the oral traditions of the country makes India a linguistic hotspot.

Most of these languages are ancient and have rich heritage. The amount of literature contained in these languages is breath-taking.

With the number of languages recognized is only 24 [albeit 2 more than the ones recognized under 8th schedule], Sahitya Akademi felt that a separate board should be constituted to promote and reward outstanding and meritorious works in classical languages as well as unrecognized languages of India.

Language Development Board recommends organizing language conventions on languages that are spoken by sizable amount of population but fast disappearing.

Language Development Board determines what are the regions whose languages should be considered for Akademi’s Bhasha Samman and also nominates panels for adjudging the winners of Samman.

Apart from the above, the Language Development Board also recommends publication of books pertaining to rare and unrecognized languages.


S. No. Member’s Name
1. Dr Chandrashekhar Kambar [Chairman]
2. Sri Madhav Kaushik
3. Prof Mrinal Miri
4. Dr Mimi Kevichusa Ezung
5. Prof T.V. Kattimani
6. Prof G. Umamaheshwar Rao
7. Prof H.S. Shivaprakash
8. Prof Udaya Narayan Singh
9. Dr Mahendra Kumar Mishra
10. Prof Molly Kaushal


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