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Regional Boards [Northern, Eastern, Southern & Western]

Sahitya Akademi has language advisory boards for each of the 24 languages recognized by it. Each of these boards recommends programmes to be organized, books to be taken up for publication and the translation workshop – in that given language.

But, nature of Indian languages is that there is bound to be enormous synergy among the literatures of the cognate languages and at times with languages from far-off regions.

To develop this synergy among cognate language literatures and to provide first hand exposure to writers and translators from one language to other traditions in a given region, Regional Boards were set up.

Each board recommends regional literary programmes, translation workshops, publication of dictionaries containing literary terms among the languages of the region. Conveners of the languages of the region will be the members of the board.

The Regional Board also prepares for publication a journal brought out once a year. Dakshina by Southern Board, Uttara by Northern, Prachi by Eastern and Paschim by Western.


Southern Board Dr Sirpi Balasubramaniam [Tamil]
Dr Siddhalingaiah [Kannada]
Dr Prabha Varma [Malayalam]
Dr K. Siva Reddy [Telugu]
Western Board Dr Ranganath Pathare [Marathi]
Dr Vinod Joshi [Gujarati]
Dr Bhushan Bhave [Konkani]
Sri Namdev Tarachandani [Sindhi]
Northern Board Dr Aziz Hajini [Kashmiri]
Dr Darshan Darshi [Dogri]
Dr Abhiraj Rajendra Mishra [Sanskrit]
Dr Sanjukta Dasgupta [English]
Dr Vanita [Punjabi]
Dr Madhu Acharya [Rajasthani]
Dr Chittaranjan Mishra [Hindi]
Dr Sheen Kaaf Nizam [Urdu]
Eastern Board Dr Subodh Sarkar [Bengali]
Dr Bijayanand Singh [Odia]
Dr Jiwan Namdung [Nepali]
Dr Ashok Kumar Jha [Maithili]
Sri Madan Mohan Soren [Santali]
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