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Performance Quality Audit Committee

Every organization has to periodically evaluate its overall functioning and identify the areas where improvement is needed.

To assess the quality of performance of Sahitya Akademi’s programmes, publications and sales, Performance Quality Audit Committee was constituted. President of Sahitya Akademi nominates the members of the Committee.

This committee assesses various sections, offices, modes of functioning, lacunae if any, and then puts out its recommendations on ways to improve each area.

As there are committees for other areas of Sahitya Akademi, this Performance Quality Audit Committee is important for Sahitya Akademi Programmes, Publications in 24 languages and Sale of its books.

The committee is comprised of only writers of national and international eminence. The recommendations of the Committee are forwarded to the Executive Board for approval.

The committee can on its own recommend certain steps to improve the overall performance of Sahitya Akademi.

The recommendations of the Committee, approved by the Executive Board, is binding on the Akademi. The committee meets once in 3 years.


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