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Recognition of Literary Associations by Sahitya Akademi

Sahitya Akademi recognizes literary associations in all the 24 languages recognized by the Akademi.

Sahitya Akademi recognizes these literary associations so that both can collaborate or associate with each other in organizing literary programmes including seminars and symposia.

This helps Sahitya Akademi in taking best of Indian literature to masses in various small towns, semi-urban spaces and rural areas.

Recognized literary associations also get to nominate the writers and scholars for the General Council in each language.

Each five years, the incoming advisory boards revisit the list of recognized literary institutions.

Procedure for Recognition of Literary Association

Any registered literary association in India carrying out literary activities at its core can apply for recognition by Sahitya Akademi.

The association making application for recognition should submit the list of literary programmes organized in the previous 3 years and also the certificate of audit of accounts for the previous three financial years.

By convention, applications thus received are placed before the respective language advisory board and the board recommends or does not recommend the concerned institution for recognition.

The recommendations of the language advisory boards are forwarded to the Executive Board which approves such recommendations.

By convention, no language shall have more than seven recognized institutions at a given time.

It is up to each language advisory board to recognize or derecognize any literary association.

Here is the complete list of literary associations in all the languages.

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