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Programmes and Publications Review Committee [PPRC]

Organizing literary programmes at regional, national and international levels and taking up manuscripts for publications in 24 languages, even for a national institution like Sahitya Akademi, requires a regulatory body especially in the monetary side.

PPRC is a committee that meets once in two years or as the situation demands, stipulates the remuneration to be paid to the writers, editors, translators, scholars, dignitaries, artists, painters and so on.

The rates stipulated by the PPRC is applicable for the books and journals published by the Akademi and cover all the programmes and meetings organized by Sahitya Akademi. Among the books, anthologies, readers, collected works, dictionaries are also covered.

The recommendations of the Programmes and Publications Review Committee are forwarded to the Executive Board for approval. Once approved, these recommendations are binding on all.

Members of the Programmes & Publications Review Committee – PPRC [2018-2022]

S. No. Member’s Name
1. Dr Chandrashekhar Kambar [Chairman]
2. Sri Madhav Kaushik
3. Dr Aziz Hajini
4. Dr Sheen Kaaf Nizam
5. Dr Siddhalingaiah
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