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Awards Rules Review Committee

With the passage of time and evolution of technology, things change in society. This process of change is inevitable. In the same way, awards instituted years ago also will face technological queries.

To address these and for periodical revision of the rules and regulations governing various awards instituted by Sahitya Akademi, Awards Rules Review Committee was constituted.

The Awards Rules Review Committee meets periodically to assess whether there need be any changes in the rules governing various awards regarding the type of books considered, definition of book, age limit for certain award, type of documentation required for a specific award, nationality of the author, permissibility of translations for prize from different languages and all other related issues.

After carefully deliberating the issues at hand the Awards Rules Review Committee recommends changes that are required to meet the challenges of time. These recommendations of the committee are forwarded to the Executive Board for approval.

The Committee also looks into various aspects related to the election of Fellows of Sahitya Akademi.

The Committee also can on its own recommends specific changes as it deems fit subject to the approval by the Executive Board.

The Members of Awards Rules Review Committee [2018-2022]

S. No. Member’s Name
1. Dr Chandrashekhar Kambar [Chairman]
2. Sri Madhav Kaushik
3. Dr Sirpi Balasubramaniam
4. Sri Namdev Tarachandani
5. Dr Anil Kumar Boro
6. Prof Manjula Rana
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